THE MORNING WALK — The Last WILL & Testament

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Thought you’d be interested in a transcription of William Hallett’s will – the Wm. in “The Morning Walk.” It makes for very interesting reading.

I have just cut and pasted so it makes for weird reading – but the text is fascinating!

A copy of William Hallett’s will.

William Hallett’s Will

Be It Known to all whom it may concern that I William Hallett Esquire a
Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Berks of Candys in the
parish of South Stoneham Hants do make and declare this to be my last will
and testament revoking all other will or wills codicil or codicils. I
appoint my dearest wife Mary Jane Hallett to be my Executrix and my very
dear friend William Crowdy Esquire Solicitor of Westrop House Highworth
Wilts to be my Executor of this my will. Ffirst however I think it proper to
state by way of record that I was born June ye 24th 1764 in Soho Square
London on the north or west side (diagram) where a new house has been since
built. My ffather died when I was about 3 years old. He was an independent
gentleman – My Grandfather to whom I was indebted for my education at
Winchester College @ Hackney (Mr. Newcomes) and for my fortune which he
acquired as an upholsterer at the corner of Long Acre @ St. Martins Lane. He
was the youngest son of a man of property and whose family bore arms in the
reign of Charles the 1st as appears by a Tobacco Box which his ffather gave
to him as he told me. His brother sold the Estate to a Lord Paulett who put
my Grandfather an Apprentice to an Upholsterer in London where he did not
expect one shilling from anyone. He was in business about 20 years and as
he assured me was never in bed more than 4 hours in any night during that
time. He then lived at Cannons in Middlesex for above 30 years, drove his
Coach @ 4, was a Magistrate and was respected by the neighbouring Gentlemen.
A faithful character was given of him in a funeral sermon which may be found
among my papers. He is mentioned in Horace Walpole’s Letters pages 419 of
Vol.1 and 439 of Vol. 2 – He was born at or near Crewkerne in Somersetshire.
I was at Winchester College about 1774, 1st Whartonhead @ Collins 2nd
Masters and afterwards at Newcomes at Hackney lamenting now that I did not
go to Oxford as intended but by the advice of Mr. Warren went abroad (Rev.d
Thos Pettingal Tutor) to ffrance Italy Switzerland and Germany @ was absent
about two years. When I returned home and was married on the 30th day of
July 1785 to Miss Elizabeth Stephen with a fortune of nearly 20,000£ and
with whom I lived most happily for nearly 48 years as it was impossible to
do otherwise with such a woman. I had six children one died about 3 weeks
old @ was buried at Great ffaringdon another Richard Stephen was at the
storming of Cuidad Rhodrego where he caught a cold that he could not get rid
of . He died suddenly when a Lieutenant in the 52nd Regt of ffoot at a
cottage called Midland Cottage a part of the Townhill Estate. He lies buried
in the Church at South Stoneham – of my eldest son I shall say nothing in
this place. My eldest daughter Lettice Elizabeth married Nash Crosier
Hilliard a Solicitor @ has several children. My second daughter Charlotte
married a worthy man of Chaddleworth Berks George Nelson who died leaving
some children – my third Emily married Rev.d ff Wm ffowle for whom I
entertain a great @ affectionate regard – and she died 16th of Jan y 1833
leaving several children – they will enjoy all my late wife’s fortune and
although they have no claim to a farthing of what property I now have to
dispose of as the whole sprung out of my income I lament that I am not full
of riches to bestow on them an equivalent to the love I bear them. They must
take my will for a deed and accept my love @ affection with a farewell and a
wish for their happiness –

The Estate of Cannons which belonged to a Duke of Chandos, see pope of the
use of riches Epistle 4 line 99 “at Timon’s Villa let us pass a day” the
place I sold to O’Kelly (who owned Eclipse) as I was fond of sporting @ it
was situated too near London. I purchased an Estate of Sir Henry Oxendon for
50,000£ called Little Wittenham near Wallingford Berkshire where I built a
small house @ bridge over the river Thames and new roofed new pewed et the
Church which was in a shameful state but for above 40 years had not
afterwards cost the parish one shilling. It was my intention to have built a
mansion there but hearing of the sale of ffaringdon House I purchased the
Estate and resided there nearly 20 years when I went into the Berks
provisional afterwards ffencible Calvary and was quartered at Bristol @
Cardiff ffirst a Captain then 2nd Major. Upon selling the ffaringdon Estate
I bought the Townhill property for 98,000 with a mortgage on it of £30,000 –
In consequence of a defective Title to a part of the part the house was
pulled down @ the property except what I now enjoy was sold in lots (above
130). This house of Candys I built and made the gardens et et at an expense
of above £2000 and was allowed out of the settled property £500!!! Before I
purchased Townhill I had agreed with Sir Walter James for his Estate at
Denford Berks where I took a considerable quantity of the materials of the
Townhill Estate and built the present mansion of Denford House at a cost of
many thousands of pounds added to the destructive and iniquitous Bill called
Peels Bill and my son fining(?) from and understanding that I was to have
more money to complete the said Mansion et et and compelling me to borrow
money on annuity and he leaving me for 15 years drove me to the necessity of
proposing to sell The Denford Estate which was sold for £30.000 he taking
half the produce after paying off mortgages on the sd Estate of Denford.

My late dearest wife died the 16th of April 1833 and as I had lived so
happily with her I could not live a single life and having been so fortunate
as to meet with my present wife @ she being much younger than myself but
without fortune I consider that I can do no less than leave her everything I
may die worth in the world. I therefore give to my said Executrix and my
said Executor all my property of what nature soever it may be freehold
leasehold copyhold or of other tenure whether in possession reversion
expectancy or otherwise together with all my monies live and dead stock
goods and chattels of every kind whatever in trust to sell and pay all my
just debts and my funeral expenses but which I desire may be as economical
as possible. I should like to be taken in a concealed manner ( for the sake
of cheapness) to the Crane Inn at Edgeware and from there by ten poor
labourers such as the Clergyman of the parish of Little Stanmore may name
and to have 5f each @ one guinea each on the following xtmas day – to be
buried in my family vault near my late wife and where my present wife may
like to join the party if not better engaged and I should by my conduct to
her deserve the compliment. After the said debts and the said funeral
expenses are paid I give my picture of my late wife to my dearest daughter
Lettice Eliza th Hilliard which was painted before I married and the
miniature of my said wife to my daughter Mrs. Charlotte Nelson and my
religious books to my very dear son in law Rev.d ffulwar William ffowle and
my law books to my dear son in law Nash Crosier Hilliard and I give 5
guineas for a ring and the same to my most worthy and friendly Executor Wm
Crowdy and the Rest and Residue I give to my dearest Executrix and wife Mary
Jane hoping sincerely it may turn out better than might be expected. In
witness thereof I sign my name on the other half sheet (this will being on
one sheet only and paged This third day of December one thousand
eight hundred and thirty four- Willm Hallett LS – Signed and sealed by the
said William Hallett in the presence of us by running his pen over his name
and sealed and delivering on the 9th day of September 1836 – George Ling –
Thomas Warman # Sarah Baker
Be it remembered that I William Hallett Esquire of Candys in the county of
Hants do declare this to be a Codicil to my will dated the third day of
December one thousand eight hundred and thirty four. Ffirst I hereby appoint
my two sons in law Nash Crosier Hilliard Solicitor of Grays Inn London and
ffulwar William ffowle Clerk of Amesbury Wilts to act in conjunction with my
wife and my friend William Crowdy of Westrop House – next I desire that my
said Executors shall pay into the hands of my said wife twenty five pounds
before they commit my body to the earth and the further sum of fourteen
pounds to defray expenses of housekeeping for one fortnight commencing from
the day of my decease. Next I hereby revoke such part and parts as relate to
the disposition of the rest and residue of my property meaning that the sale
of my property of every description putting up my goods and chattels shall
be put up to Auction in small lots @ in single articles (if convenient to do
so) shall take place as soon as convenient after my decease but not include
such articles as I have signed @ belong to my wife. I wish it to be fully
understood that where I have said “I can do no less than leave her
everything I may die worth in the world”. I mean not an absolute control
over everything but consider it more my duty towards her to direct as I do
that the produce of a sale as directed shall after my Specific requests are
satisfied than be vested in the government or other securities and the
income arising therefrom be laid out from time to time so as to cover any
deficiency that may occur in making up the rents of St. Martins Lane
premises. An annuity of £100 to my dear wife not only before but after the
Leases of those premises shall expire that she shall run no risk nor be
disappointed of her intended jointure and in case her sister Elizabeth
Croudace shall be living at the decease of my said wife I will that £20 per
annum shall be paid her during her natural life free of taxes. At the death
of my wife and her sister and not before. I think proper here to declare
that the alteration respecting the Executorship was done in consequence of
the illness of my friend Wm Crowdy and with the privacy and concern of my
dear wife. In witness thereof I put my hand and seal this twenty ninth day
of November one thousand eight hundred and thirty six – William Hallett LS

This is a Codicil to the last will and testament of me William Hallett of
Candys in the parish of South Stoneham in the County of Southampton Esquire
(as follows). I do hereby give and bequeath to my dear wife Mary Jane
Hallett to and for her own use and benefit the jewels trinkets gold watch
pictures articles and things first specified in the Inventory hereunder
written all or the greater part whereof were before our marriage either the
property of my said wife or presents to her since from her own family and

The Inventory above referred to

Three pictures of my said wife’s own family namely one of her Mother another
of her Aunt Mrs. Kirtly and the third of her sister Miss Croudace
Drawings of two Monuments
Picture of Mr. Hallett (full length in water colour)
All paintings done by my said wife herself
All articles or things of my said wife’s own work
A Jewel box and the contents thereof namely
Pearl bracelets with diamond clasps
Large Pearl Star and silver bodkin
Enamel and Pearl chain with Diamond topped hooks with pearl tassels with
diamond tops
Small pearl brooch with hair
Gold neck chain earrings and bracelet clasps and brooch with hair
Gold and enamel watch key with diamond
Blood stone brooch
Scotch pebble brooch
Ditto Ditto Ditto
Coral necklace bracelet earrings and brooch
Regard Ring
White Cornelian necklace earrings bracelets and brooch
Pearl pin
Red cornelian hoop ring
Gold watch chain and seals
Gold earrings
Aqua marine brooch
Heartsease ditto
ffushia brooch
Roman shell ditto
Set of Jet
Ditto of Ivory
Persian stone brooch
Rosette ring with pearl
Little finger ring
Small Garnet Earrings
Guard ring
A box of damask and other linen a present from my said wife’s Mother and
marked with the initials of my said wife’s family.
An article called a Davenport a present from my said wife’s Aunt Miss Rowe
A Rosewood Note desk with my said wife’s maiden name thereon
A common Rosewood writing desk with my said wife’s name written by myself on
the inside thereof
Two Drawing Desks
Westalls Bible}
Silver Taper }presents from my said wife’s mother
My said wife’s work boxes
Also I give and bequeath to my said wife the articles and plate next
hereinafter specified namely
Rosewood Ink stand
Ditto fflower stand
Ebony cabinet
Ancient Looking Glass (which was the property of my late wife’s mother)
Gold repeating watch
Silver Tea Caddy
Ditto Tea Pot
Ditto Coffee Pot Ditto Cruet Stand
Ditto Soup Turean
Six large and six small silver forks }
Six silver table spoons } to be selected by my said wife
Six ditto desert ditto } my plate
Silver Mustard Pot }
All my household linen
Small old fire screen
Gold Locket with hair – hair brooch
Cairn Gorm brooch – Guard ring jet buckles
Gold and silver Coins which were given by me to my said wife at the time of
our marriage
Two snuff boxes one with Adrians Vase and the other a miniature of my wife
on the lid
And subject to the bequest contained in this codicil I do in all other
respects confirm my said last will and testament. In witness whereof I have
hereonto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this fourteenth day of
September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourty two
– Willm Hallett LS – Signed sealed published and declared by the said
testator William Hallett as and for a codicil to his last will and testament
on the day of the date thereof in the presence of us who in his presence at
his request and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our
names as witness to the execution thereof – George Fomkys Grove Surgeon
Southampton – Wm Gosling Farmer Mooregreen#

In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
In the goods of William Hallett Esquire deceased
Appeared Personally William Edward Hilliard of No.15 Southampton Street
Bloomsbury in the county of Middlesex Gentleman and Sarah Norris of
Chaddleworth in the county of Berks spinster and made oath that they knew
and were well acquainted with William Hallett late of Candys in the parish
of South Stoneham in the County of Southampton Esquire deceased for some
years before and to the time of his death and also well acquainted with his
manner and character of handwriting and subscription having frequently seen
him write and subscribe his name and having now with care and attention
viewed and perused the paper writing hereto annexed marked with the letter A
purporting to be and contain the last will and testament with one codicil of
the said deceased the said will beginning thus ” Be it known to all whom it
may concern” ending thus ” this third day of December one thousand eight
hundred and thirty four and subscribed “Willm Hallett” the first codicil
beginning thus ” Be it remembered that I William Hallett” ending thus “this
twenty ninth day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirty six” and
subscribed “Willm Hallett” they say they do verily and in their consciences
believe the whole body series and contents of the said paper writing marked
et and of the said will and codicil thereon written and the subscriptions
thereto respectively (excepting those of the witnesses to the said will) to
be all of the proper handwriting and subscription of the said deceased – Wm
Edw Hilliard – Sarah Norris – On the 10th day of May 1844 the said William
Edward Hilliard and Sarah Norris were duly sworn to the truth of the
Affidavit Before me – F. T. Pratt Surr – Pst T C Moore not. Pub #.

Proved at London with two codicils 20th May 1844 before the judge by the
oaths of Mary Jane Hallett widow the relict the surviving Executor named in
the will and Nash Crosier Hilliard one of the Executors named in the first
codicil to whom Admon was granted they having been first sworn the said Mary
Jane Hallett by Commission and the said Nash Crosier Hilliard before the
worshipful ffrederic Thomas Pratt Doctor of Laws and Surrogate duly to
administer power reserved of making the life Grant to the Reverend ffulwar
William ffowle Clerk the other Executor named in the said first codicil when
he shall apply for the same.


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